Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

A man in a white Tyvek suit stands on a ladder and a table in a kitchen. Plastic sheeting can be seen in the background.

It Isn't A Science; It's An Art

Does SERVPRO make a mess sometimes? Yes, absolutely, but you will never know it was there. When we take on a new project, we make sure we understand the full scope of what needs to be accomplished. That way, we can minimize our messes and make sure the job gets done the right way, the first time.

A FLIR camera shows a colorized temperature readout of a wet ceiling.

We See You

SERVPRO uses the most modern, cutting-edge technology available to us. One of these pieces of technology is handheld FLIR cameras, which can detect differences in temperature through thermal imaging.

Stolen car into Home

Stolen car into home in Rowland Heights

Top picture shows the aftermath of a stolen car into a home, glad to say no one in the home was injured. We were called to board up the damaged wall, and started the construction of rebuilding the framing of the wall that was damaged. After pictures will come soon!

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned


When our logo is on your door, YOUR COMMITMENT TO CLEAN IS CLEAR.

Proactive Cleaning

Proactive Cleaning with PPE

Reminder for businesses and homeowners, that during this time of the global pandemic (Covid-19) SERVPRO of Walnut is specialized in cleaning services and they adhere to the highest sanitation standards. 

Water Damaged Walls in Walnut, CA

This photo captures water damage caused by a an unknown leak that led to the water being settled into their walls.. SERVPRO of Walnut came in and used their proper equipment to control the water and draw all of it out from the home. The home owners were very impressed that SERVPRO got the job done in just a few days.

Roof Water Leakage in Walnut, CA

This photo captures the extensive water damage caused by a crack in the roof that led to the water being leaked into the home. SERVPRO of Walnut came in and used their proper equipment to control the water and draw all of it out from the home. The home owners were extremely grateful that SERVPRO was able to complete the job professionally and quickly.

Extreme Fire Damage in Walnut, CA

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Walnut when SERVPRO arrived at the home. There was significant damage in all the rooms intense soot and smoke damage. The owner was taken back at how hard SERVPRO worked to get his home restored. SERVPRO cared for it as if it was their home.

Leaky Roof in Walnut, CA

This family's Walnut, CA residence noticed a leaky ceiling after their roof had damage from the rain. The proceeded to call SERVPRO who worked around the clock to get rid of all the water and repair the roof to prevent further damage. The family was extremely impressed with how attentive SERVPRO was to their requests.

Saturated Floor in Walnut, CA

This home in Walnut, CA experienced a moldy and water soaked floor after their roof had been leaking for days. SERVPRO went in and repaired the roof and took out the flooring to extract all of the water. The owner was very satisfied with how much care SERVPRO took of their property and their fast responsive technicians.

Fire Damage in Walnut, CA

This was the aftermath from a fire caused by an electrical malfunction. SERVPRO went in and removed all the damaged contents, cleaned them, and repaired the damage inside the home. The owner was very pleased with the outcome and how fast SERVPRO worked.